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Fender Chris Stapleton '62 Hand-Wired Princeton

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Product Description

This handwired amp from Fender is a faithful recreation of Chris Stapleton's own prized 1962 Fender Princeton amp, and it has the coveted grid bias tremolo, mid-forward voice, sweet cleans, and harmonically rich overdrive that has endeared Fender's shortlived Brownface era amplifiers to legions of players, recording engineers, producers, and collectors all over the world.  This Artist edition features a specially designed Eminence Chris Stapleton 12 inch speaker (as opposed to a 10 inch speaker, which would have been stock in 1962) which recreates the unique, full tone of the vintage 12 inch speaker in Stapleton's personal amp. Another unique touch is its rugged Filson fitted amp cover. Part number 8151800000 .