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USED Fender Telecaster Olympic White / Maple circa 1973 - CONSIGNMENT

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One of the most iconic and classic solidbody electric guitars in history. 

Happy 50th Birthday to this Telecaster! I'm sure there are more than a few stories hidden in this guitar...

A gorgeous example of an early 70's Telecaster with the less common Olympic White finish (now yellowed) and maple neck combination. It totally looks like it was done in Blonde.

This guitar has been through a few modifications over the past 50 years.
The original pickguard has been replaced with a repro - Original guard is included and features 2 small Strat style mounting screw holes for the neck position.
The neck pickup is an after market vintage style repro with cloth wiring.
Bridge pickup and bridge are original.
Volume pot is original (dates to 1966), tone pot has been replaced - the original tone pot - also dated 1966 - is included, along with 2 other repro pots and a bit of an previous wiring harness.
Neck date is the "secondary" dating system that Fender employed in 1969 until 1973, and puts this guitar at April 1973.
Fender continued to neck stamp the dates the 'traditional' way during this time too - with the obvious Month name and date, example: "FEB 71"

Normally, by 1973, the Telecaster would feature 2 strings trees but this only has one.
This is not the first '73 that we've seen with only one tree, and other examples can be found online.

The original Blonde finish has yellowed overtime and, unfortunately (or fortunately - depending on your take) there are 3 distinct burn type marks in the finish - mostly on the back - as seen in the pictures.
Does not appear to have been refretted, and the first few frets are starting to get worn - the beauty is that this guitar has been played.

No case, but it does also include the original Ashtray Bridge Cover.

Nifty Fifty - a beautiful Vintage Telecaster!