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Terms and Conditions

Congratulations!  If you’re reading this then you’re a cautious and smart online shopper, or a lawyer.  By using this website you are agreeing to comply with our terms and conditions and you should check out our privacy policy and return policy to know exactly what your relationship with Gear Music Limited is governed by.

We love you shopping online, but we really prefer it when you come in person.  We can make sure that you receive personal attention and ensure that you are selecting the correct instrument for your needs.

When we use the term “we” or “us” or “Gear Music”, we are referring to Gear Music Limited located at 324 Kerr Street in Oakville Ontario, and the term “you” refers to the viewer or user of this website.

The content of this website is for general information and use only and is subject to change at anytime.

This website uses content which is licensed to us or is created by us, and reproduction is prohibited other than what is permitted by our Copyright Notice (see below).

All of the trademarks used on this website are the property of their respected company, and any which we aren’t licensed to use are indicated on the website.

We have links that may point to external websites.  These are for information purposes only and we may not endorse these sites, or have any responsibility for the content of these sites.  If you feel that there is an inappropriate, incorrect or broken link, please e-mail us and we will attempt to alter the destination of the link.

You may not create a link to this website from another or document without prior written consent.

Unauthorized use of this website has the potential to raise a claim for damages and/or may be a criminal offence.

We do not provide any warranty or guarantee for the accuracy, performance, or completeness of the information, materials and products offered for any particular purpose.  This information may contain inaccuracies or errors for which you acknowledge and we expressly exclude liability for any and all to the full extent of the law.

If you are buying an instrument or product made of wood be advised that it requires proper humidity and temperature conditions. We will not be responsible for any defects, damages or blemishes which are the result of improper environmental conditions.

Some items may have already been opened.  Yup that’s right.  We receive products from manufacturers and distributors that may have been opened prior to us receiving them.  Many instruments need to be adjusted after shipping, and may have been adjusted prior to us receiving them.  Some products are opened at international borders or by government inspectors.  When we say an item is new we mean that it has never been previously sold, rented, or lent out.  If it is used we will indicate it as such.  Any blemishes or imperfections will be reflected in the description and it is understood that you are aware of them.


All pricing is in Canadian dollars.

Submission of an order does not constitute a contract or a completed sale.  We reserve the right to cancel, terminate or reject an order at any time for any reason whatsoever.  Your order will on be deemed accepted if you receive a shipping notice by e-mail. 

We occasionally screw up on a price, we will correct it in a timely fashion, but we will not be held to it.  We will give you the opportunity to purchase the item at the correct price. 

Prices, inventory and specifications can change at any time and we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information.

Prices may be different in store.  It’s worth a trip down to the store, as instruments are very personal, as is personal taste.

Some items have limited quantities and are only offered on a first come first served basis.

All items purchased from Gear Music are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. 


For the time being we’re only shipping within Canada.  Support your local distributor and store if you can.  There are some exceptions that we make for one-off, or custom, or unique, or vintage items. Please contact us directly to handle the sale.

We will look into the least expensive way to ship to you.  FedEx and CANADAPOST Expedited are the two we prefer, but we check around.  Returned product will require the original shipping cost to be deducted from your refund.

We will try to get your order out as quickly as possible but there are a number of things that can slow it down.  Shipping to addresses that don’t match the billing address, PO boxes, weekends and statutory holidays are some of the common delays.  We will provide you with a tracking number by e-mail as soon as your order is shipped.  Orders shipped to PO Boxes and rural addresses will be shipped “Hold for Pickup” at the nearest FedEx or Canada Post location or depot/agent.

You can speed up delivery using express shipping.  Let us know when you place your order and we’ll let you know how much it will cost.

Gear Music will not ship any order C.O.D.


We offer free shipping for most orders over $99, with a couple of exceptions.

FREE SHIPPING maxes out at a $50 credit of shipping. That means if you're trying to ship a drum kit to Repulse Bay, Nunavut and it would cost $500 to ship it, we would take off $50.

We will reduce the shipping by up to 25% of the total of your shipment. For example if you order an amp for $100 but the shipping cost is $35, we would only charge you $10 for shipping. ($35 - ($100 x .025)) = $25.

If you're order doesn't show free shipping and you think there is an error, please contact us and we will make sure to adjust it depending on your situation.


We offer free shipping in Oakville, Burlington, Waterdown and Hamilton for orders over $50.  We will arrange a time with you to deliver your order.  Delivery is only to the front door. We will call before we deliver the order to make sure that you will be home to get it. For items such as drum kits, we will pre-assemble the kit at the store at no charge if you would like. 


We can arrange a time for you to pick up your order at the store if you would prefer. Make sure to include it in your notes when you place your order.


All items purchased from Gear Music are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. 

Looked at this list and think there are too many conditions? Pick it up at the store for FREE with valid government issued photo id.


This website is the copyright of Gear Music Limited.  Any reproduction or redistribution of the material is prohibited.  You may not transmit it or store it for any commercial purpose without the express written consent of Gear Music.  Why would you anyways?  All of the trademarks used on this website are the property of their respected company, and any which we aren’t licensed to use are indicated on the website.


In no event will Gear Music Limited or it's agents be liable for loss or damage including with limitation direct, indirect or consequential loss damage arising from loss of data or profits arising out of connection with the use of this website or any of the products, events or services offered herein.

Practice good aural health.  High levels of sound can damage your hearing.

Music is subjective.  Please take the time to consider your purchase and consult with us if you have any questions prior to purchasing a product.

If you make a gold or platinum record with products or services that you got from Gear Music, please feel free to send us one.  We’re happy when people make music with our stuff, and they look really awesome on the wall.

You’ve made it to the end, but remember even these terms and conditions will keep changing, so check back every time to make sure.  Now go pick up an instrument and create some music. 

This policy was last updated on August 4, 2020