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Yamaha RAS1455 Recording Custom Aluminium Shell Snare Drum 14 x 5.5

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Product Description

Although a relative newcomer to Yamaha's line of drums, this snare drum features some tried-and-true features reminiscent of some of the most revered snare drums in history. Legendary drummer Steve Gadd worked with Yamaha to fine-tune and update their iconic Recording Custom line of drums, taking particular care in getting the snare drums "just right". This snare boasts a 1.2 mm thick beaded aluminum shell, 45 degree bearing edges, a 5.5 inch depth, are equipped with standard 20-strand snare wires, and comes with an additional set of Steve Gadd 10-strand snare wires. The Aluminum Recording Custom snares take the "most recorded snare drum of all time" by a famous American brand, and deliver it to you with precise workmanship and consistency. No more looking for a "good" one. One additional nice feature - unlike that other famous snare that these are inspired by, these ones aren't chrome plated. So you don't have to deal with chrome flaking and peeling off of your drum!