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Way Huge Red Llama Mk III Overdrive Effect Pedal

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Product Description

30 Years ago Jeorge Tripps "Tripped" our minds and unleashed one of the best overdrive pedals our little minds had ever seen!

Not talking about the Klon, we're talking "Tina" and the legend of the Llama - from Mike Campbell to Paul Gilbert, John Mayer to Rich Robinson.
Truth be told, Jeorge got his inspiration from the OG, Craig Anderton and his Tubesound Fuzz Pedal. 30 years... how does Jeorge stay soooo young? Llama Blood...?

THE ICONIC RED LLAMA OVERDRIVE IS BACK—AND MORE COMPACT THAN EVER! Beware: this llama can bite. But it also purrs. And screams, if you smack it just right. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Way Huge, the beloved RL2 Red Llama Overdrive (Way Huge’s first production pedal, introduced in 1992) returns with a vengeance. Sporting a new compact Smalls enclosure, the WM23 conjures all the warm goodness of the original Red Llama Overdrive. It dishes out delicious harmonic overdrive, reminiscent of a crunchy tweed amp, and offers a wide array of tones ranging from soft and cuddly to burly and brutal. Mr. Huge spent months testing modern components to recreate the sound of the 1990s era Red Llama Overdrive, retaining all the touch sensitivity and mojo of the original. Visit his petting zoo with your favorite guitar and plug into the WM23. You might lose a few fingers and toes, but you’ll be glad you did.

This is a new favorite pedal among the staff - we were blown away by the new III version - it's Llama-Tastic!