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USED Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 UK w/cover

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Product Description

This 40 Watt all Tube Combo Amp is a workhorse that's built for the stage and studio but this one has a little something something under the hood!

This Classic Marshall tone machine has been re-worked to be an even more Classic Tone Machine!

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  • This Original DSL401 Combo has had both transformers replaced with Mercury Magnets transformers.
  • Original speaker has been replaced with an English Made Celestion G12H 30 watt Speaker.
  • Effects loop has been taken out of the circuit
  • Reverb has been defeated/taken out
  • Amp has been serviced/gone over when these mods were done
  • Speaker grill has been replaced with vintage Marshall Checker Board style
  • Original Logo has been replaced with a Plexi era vintage style logo

The original owner has had this little powerhouse tweaked to deliver a more pure classic Marshall tone of past years while still enabling more modern gain if needed.

If you're looking for an English Made Marshall with the characteristics of a re-issue style jtm-45 / plexi... this is the ONE.

Overall in excellent condition with ftsw and cover.