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USED Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi Pedal

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Product Description

Classic Fuzz Pedal for Bass guitar with Bass Boost.

The Iconic Electro Harmonix Nig Muff Pi has been used by the masses over the past 50+ years, including many bass players.

Although the Big Muff does a good job on Bass (doesn't rob you of your bottom end that much) this Bass Muff Pi is an Excellent solution for the Bass player looking for that wonderful wooly fuzz!

With tones from the 70's Big Muff Pi and the Sovtek Era Green Russian Muff, this pedal will delight your bass with beefy bottom end tones for days.
A dry out allows you to send an unaffected signal out to another amp, another signal chain or d.i. box.

This pedal is in excellent condition.