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USED EHX Big Muff Pi V9 Frantone EC3003 Circuit / true bypass

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Product Description

One of the go to fuzz pedals for the past 50 years of Rock n Roll.

The "Sustained Grind" pedal, originating in 1969 as a modded 3 knob version of the Electro Harmonix LPB-2 driver. One of the first customers of the new "Big Muff PI" Fuzz Pedal was Jimi Hendrix - bought from Manny's in NYC.
Over the years, the Big Muff has been through different versions and used by EVERYONE.
EHX went out of business in 1982 and started up again in the 90's with the pedals being made in Russia. In the late 90's Dave Mathews started the NYC manufacturing again and Fran Blanche, of "Frant Tone" pedals, NYC, was in charge of the newest Big Muff PI - officially V9.
Some say this is their favorite version of the Big Muff - Fran's own fuzz pedals (most notably the Peach Fuzz) are fantastic and she's known for having a great ear for Fuzz.

This EC3003 Circuit features a true bypass switch (stock) and the "Hockey Puck" knobs which puts this as the 2nd line of Big Muffs she/they produced circa 2001.

Cosemtically, it's been played - it's got wear on the chasis and graphics. One of the screws has been replaced. 
But... it works and sounds Smurf-Tastic!!
These pedals originally came in large wooden boxes (sadly it's long gone) and they have the old school 1/8th adapter plug for power. The battery will last for a long time (as long as you unplug the input when not using the pedal)

A great little (big box) fuzz pedal, made in the USA.