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Arturia DrumBrute Noir Limited Impact Analog Drum Machine

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Product Description

This limited edition Noir version ditches the retro brown wood edges for a more brooding black finish. A slimmed down version of the original DrumBrute with more bite but all of the analog greatness. Go straight ahead with some finger-drumming or compose overlapping polyrhythms with the intuitive sequencer. Let this become the bridge to your other analog gear with multiple sync options to keep everything locked-in.

Main Features

  • 10 pure analog sounds: Kick, Snare 1, Snare 2, Tom Hi, Tom Low, Cowbell, Cymbal, Closed Hat, Open Hat, and FM Sound
  • 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each
  • Separate accent per drum
  • Optional Color sound-shaping on all instruments (except Cowbell)
  • Song mode for chaining patterns
  • Polyrhythm capabilities: each drum track can be a separate length
  • Swing: global or per instrument
  • Randomness: generate pattern variations
  • Pattern Looper for beat repeat functions
  • Roller for real time instruments rolls
  • Output Distortion with bypass
  • Smart metronome with headphone override
  • Multiple sync options: Internal / MIDI / Clock, including 1PPS, 2PPQ, DIN24, and DIN48
  • USB MIDI interface
  • Master output, & optional individual audio outputs for Kick, Snares, Hats and FM Sound
  • 3.5mm headphone output