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Tech 21

When B. Andrew Barta formed Tech 21 and introduced his unique invention to the world -- the SansAmp. It was, in fact, the culmination of something he simply wanted for his own personal use. As a performing musician with an electronics background, and whose “day job” was repairing, modifying and customizing amplifiers, Andrew had the expertise -- and determination -- to make his vision a reality. After ten years of exhaustive research and development with world-class guitar amplifiers, the SansAmp came into being.

Two decades later, Tech 21 offers an impressive line of products to cover every application. Each product is made with the best possible materials and exclusive components, such as our smooth custom actuators. And each product is still handbuilt in the USA.

Tech 21’s range of products are developed with a critical ear for tonal perfection and an open ear to our customers’ needs. We welcome you to experience the exceptional tone of Tech 21.

Tech 21 Products

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