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Graph Tech

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Graph Tech's business is steadily increasing. Housing the entire operation in a state-of-the-art facility, Dave takes a hands-on approach from product design and manufacturing to marketing and shipping. Graph Tech distributes their products worldwide through select distributors such as: All Parts, St. Louis Music, Harris Teller, Stewart MacDonald, Aria UK, Moridaira (Japan), Coast Music (Canada) and many others. What is the reaction from the players around the world? Week after week, customers write us unsolicited letters and emails letting us know that this is the first product that they've ever bought that actually does what it says it would do (imagine that!).

For over twenty years Graph Tech Guitar Labs has pioneered the development of innovative products designed to improve the guitar-playing experience by solving common problems and improving sound quality. Starting with the original "graphite nut", our product line has burgeoned to six recognized brands that address everything from string breakage to tuning problems to MIDI compatibility. Underscoring it all is a commitment to tonal fidelity.

Graph Tech Products