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Allen & Heath

There are plenty of companies making mixers, but we believe we've got a very special selling point: we're truly passionate about what we do. This isn't just something that gets reflected in glossy brochures, it's something you hear when you pick up the phone to us, and you hear it most of all every time you use an Allen & Heath mixer. Every console has its own distinct sound, and that sound tells you a lot about the people who created it. Listen to a bunch of engineers talking about Allen & Heath mixers and you'll probably hear words like 'warmth', 'depth' and 'fullness' used a lot. Those characteristics don't come about by accident - we tweak, tease, experiment and compare over many months to perfect each console we design, getting the very best from every component. We only introduce a new product when we're convinced that it sounds fabulous!

 We often get asked how we manage to sell our products at such a competitive price. A lot of people are looking for 'the catch'. So how do we offer so much bang for the buck? There's no magic formula, just a lot of hard work. Our designers are geniuses when it comes to finding innovative ways to build the best for less. We have built incredibly strong relationships with our suppliers over the years. Because we trade honestly and with integrity, our suppliers have the confidence to invest in the latest processes and equipment, which lets them offer us a better deal.

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