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Yamaha Tour Custom 5 Piece All Maple w/HW780 Hardware RLS1455 In Licorice Satin

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Professionals demand features such as all maple shells, floating tom suspension systems, and lacquer finishes. The Tour Custom's 6-ply all maple shells with 45 degree bearing edges is a tried-and-true formula capable of sounds for virtually any style of music. A massive spectrum of tunings and tones are available due to Yamaha's incredibly precise building process and quality control. The toms feature their proprietary Y.E.S.S. mounting system for drastically increased resonance and improved sustain, and a newly designed counter hoop called the "Inverse Dyna Hoop" has been crafted for these drums to control the natural overtones that occur in all maple shells, and focuses the tone towards the fundamental frequency being created by the tuning. This kit in Licorice Satin includes the 780 hardware pack with 2 cymbal boom stands, snare stand, foot pedal and hi-hat. The snare is a Yamaha Recording Custom steel snare in 14 x 5.5". Cymbals are not included