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Yamaha P-225 88 Key Fully Weighted Digital Piano In Black

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Product Description

This is the improved version of the best selling P-125 with an improved piano tone and better speakers. The P-225 features the sounds of Yamaha's premier concert grand piano, the CFX, and this model uses Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) Lite technology to replicate the expressive moment-by-moment tonal changes that occur in a real grand piano.

Whether you are an advanced piano player or a serious beginner looking to learn, the P-225 is the perfect choice.

New Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard
The newly developed and more compact GHC keyboard on the P Series reproduces the playing comfort of its predecessors in every way. The keyboard mechanism is more compact than in previous models, while still offering an outstanding and realistic playing feel.

The sound of Yamaha's premier concert grand piano, the CFX
The P-225 gives you the sound of the top-of-the-line Yamaha CFX concert grand, with shimmering highs and powerful lows. Equipped with Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) Lite, a digital technology that realistically reproduces the complex resonance produced by the strings of a grand piano, changing each time according to how the keys are pressed. Enjoy the sound of a concert grand that's played and loved by renowned pianists, along with its infinitely realistic resonance. Of course, the P-225 doesn't require tuning.

Two-way speaker system delivers expansive sound
The position and angle of the speakers on both the front and back of the P-225 were adjusted to reproduce the sounds reflected from the soundboard and lid of an acoustic grand piano as closely as possible. This placement offers the player a comfortable sonic environment when the P-225 is placed against a wall. A tone escapement has also been installed on this instrument to make the sound clearer and more readily heard, bringing the best acoustic balance to the player.

In addition to the speakers that offer sharp and clear mid- to high-range tones and prominent low-end for a well-balanced sound, the P-225's speakers feature tweeters for a richer high-end tone.

Place it in any room or take it on-the-go
The stylish design of this instrument blends well in any room, and is available in black or white colour variations to match the mood. With the optional soft case, you can take this instrument with you to the studio, to live gigs or on a trip - whenever you need it.

Access more features with the Smart Pianist App
With the Smart Pianist app from Yamaha, you can intuitively perform all operations of the P-225 from your smart device without any need to pull out the manual to see how things work.
*When connecting a smart device to a musical instrument to use the app, you can either use a cable or connect wirelessly using the Yamaha UD-BT01 (sold separately; for iOS only).


  • Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keyboard offers a realistic playing feel
  • 24 Voices including several grand piano voices, and a wide variety of highly practical voices for keyboard players, including Stage E.Piano, DX E.Piano, Jazz Organ, Strings and more. The P-225 also features E.Clavichord and Vibraphone Voices.
  • 71 preset songs, including 21 demo songs that are appropriate for each Voice
  • Practice with headphones (sold separately) and a built-in metronome
  • Recording function lets you listen to your playing objectively
  • 20 rhythm accompaniments are available in genres such as rock, pop, jazz, and bossa nova
  • Built-in Bluetooth audio lets you pair with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet so you can play along with favorite music through the instrument's speakers. An external adapter is not required.
  • Sound Boost function that switches to a punchy and powerful sound that helps you cut through the mix
  • Two-way speaker system delivers expansive sound
  • Stereophonic Optimizer lets players enjoy the dispersed sound heard when sitting in front of an acoustic piano. This provides a comfortable, natural experience that removes the drawbacks of performing with headphones.
  • Button-style interface that makes it easy for anyone to use
  • The Smart Pianist app comes with PDF scores of 303 classical pieces for practice