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Warm Audio Jet Phaser Guitar Pedal With AC Adapter

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Product Description

One of the most intense/fun phaser (with fuzz) pedals is back in all it's glory!

The phaser that will separate the Men from the Boys, the Women from the Girls and, let's be cryptic here... the Uncle from the Nephew!?!

This faithful reproduction of the Jet Phaser that was the core of Larry Grahams pioneering bass sound in the Family Stone and Graham Central Station is BACK.

Back for more guitarists, Keyboardists and horn players to have they're sound get modulated. Let's not stop there - use this on your drums in a mix, or vocals (or harmonies) and least of all, Pedal Steel!

Essentially you have a fantastic sounding analog phaser with 1 modes - subtle and a deeper, more exagerated phase. There are two speeds, slow/fast which, when engaged, ramp up (or down) to the desired speed - like a Leslie speaker.

Now add in the 'Jet' or Fuzz mode. Two different jet fuzz modes (Bright fuzz and Dark fuzz) with the option of each phase (shallow of deep) per mode.

a Very Expressive and versatile pedal!

'Back in the day...' Peter Frampton had a Leslie Speaker as a main component to his guitar setup and frequently used it, if only on a slow setting, that became a part of his signature sound - you can nail his "Frampton Comes Alive" tone with this thing!

Can be powered by battery or the included power supply.