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USED Roland E-60 76 Key Arranger Workstation

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Product Description

This is in great condition and comes with the music rest and sustain pedal. Having the extra keys in this 76 key version is a huge help. Be your own band! With it's 64-voice polyphony sound engines, it delivers impressive, first-class sound quality. With 512MB WAVE ROM onboard each, they boast the best sounds from the Roland library. Many new studio sampled guitars, accordions, and much more provide an ultra-realistic experience.

Fresh Musical Content
It provides more than 100 fresh styles created by a professional team of international programmers who captured their local musical preferences. All these styles sound incredibly “live,” and expertly mixed and mastered.

Attractive, Lightweight Design
Prepare to be impressed by the new look of the E-60/50 keyboards, created by a top Italian design team.

Powerful Built-in Audio System
Thanks to their powerful 4-speaker, bi-amped sound systems, complete with a Bass Reflex System and a Digital Bass Enhancers, delivers incredible, high-impact sound.

Intuitive User Interface
It incorporates a large 16 gray-scale display with a touchscreen for quick and simple operations. Moreover a multitude of buttons has been included on the control panels for ease of use. The acclaimed Guitar Mode is now available together with dedicated Guitar Mode button.

Style Converter
The Style Converter is an easy and intuitive tool for creating custom Music Styles based on one of your own songs or a pre-made Standard MIDI File.

16-Track Sequencer / Style Composer
The 16-Track Sequencer and internal Style Composer data can be edited in precise detail using the Microscope functions.

It features a high quality 4-stave score display for chords and lyrics.

D Beam
The light-sensing D Beam controller can be used for real-time changes to a wide range of parameters.