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USED Roland AC-60 Acoustic Amplifier

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Product Description

Stereo Acoustic Amplifier with Phantom Power, Chorus and reverb

Although there are many acoustic amps on the market today, few of them can compete with the rich, natural tone of the compact AC-60 Acoustic Chorus amplifier. This innovative stereo amp uses sophisticated digital signal processing to deliver a crisp sound with lush stereo/multi-band chorus—including a new “wide” mode—plus delay/reverb and impressive Auto Anti-Feedback control. And with its 2-channel Mic/Line design and stand-mountable configuration, the AC-60 is clearly heads above the competition.

* Compact stereo acoustic amplifier with pure, natural tone and excellent projection
* 2-Channel design: Guitar input and Mic/Line input with Phantom Power
* Stereo 30-watt/dual 6.5-inch speaker configuration loud enough for club gigs and small PA applications
* Onboard DSP delivers lush stereo/multi-band chorus, newly developed “wide” chorus and delay/reverb with footswitch control
* Built-in Auto Anti-Feedback controls allow for maximum volume without feedback
* Convenient Mute switch for silent tuning on stage
* Stereo Line Out for PA and recording applications; Subwoofer output
* Built-in tilt stand offers better acoustic projection; can also be mounted on commercially available speaker stands

This Used amplifier is in excellent condition.