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USED Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Amp 2x12 Combo w/Foostwitch

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Product Description

This is heavy when it comes to an amp, but can also deliver those heavy tones. It's in excellent condition. Was recently fully re-tubed. Tips the scales at 39kg ( 85 pounds). The Peavey all-tube JSX 212 combo guitar amplifier translates the tonal flexibility and responsive, and versatile gain structures of the JSX head into a combo amp. The JSX 212 is the latest product of the company's partnership with legendary virtuoso Joe Satriani.

Augmenting the original JSX amp's 3-channel, 120-watt configuration are two custom-designed 12" JSX speakers in an open-back design, plus a master analog reverb and line out with level. The amp also includes global presence and resonance controls; three-band EQ and level on each channel; and FAT switches and a fully adjustable noise gate for the Ultra and Crunch channels.

"We designed the JSX 212 not only for practicality, but also tone and versatility," says Satriani. "The amp's tone comes to life in a big way using this 2 x 12 design, and the relationship between the combo and the player sets up an interesting interplay that you can't get with a head. It's a special experience having the amp and speakers in one unit."

  • 120 watts (rms) into 16, 8, or 4 ohms (switchable)
  • Four EL34 tubes and four 12AX7 tubes
  • High/Low power switch
  • Two custom-designed JSX™ 12 inch Peavey speakers
  • Full/half power switch
  • Power amp switchable to use EL34s or 6L6GCs
  • 3 footswitchable channels
  • Clean channel: volume, bass mid, treble
  • Crunch channel: gain and volume, bass, mid, treble EQ and FAT switch
  • Ultra channel: gain and volume, bass, mid, treble EQ and FAT switch
  • Noise gate control for both distortion channels
  • Master volume
  • Master reverb
  • Footswitchable effects loop with send and return controls
  • Resonance and presence controls
  • Line out with level control
  • Footswitch included