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USED Peavey 1998 5150 Combo Amp w/ftsw

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Product Description

All tube 60 watt 2x12 combo version of the original Eddie Van Halen signature amplifier!

First thing first... this is the cleanest 5150, actually probably one of the Cleanest "used" amplifiers we have had. Essentially this is almost a New Old Stock - a closet classic - it's had less than 10hrs of playing time on it. The footswitch cable is still tied together with the original zip tie. If you had a time machine and went back to 1998 to buy a 5150 Combo, this is what you would see. Dead Mint.

The combo is a 60 watt version of the Head featuring 2 6L6 power tubes and 5 12AX7 pre-amp tubes. Fitted with 2 Peavey Sheffield 12" Speakers, in a closed back cabinet.

Footswitchable Lead/Rhythm channel and Reverb Defeat, 3 Band EQ with a Resonance and Presence control.

Yes, it has GAIN, plenty of Gain but it's a versatile amplifier with TONE!
Some people prefer the 60 watt combo version, almost considered a 'secret weapon'.

You will NOT find another 5150 combo in this type of condition - don't miss out!

Due to the size/weight, we are not shipping this item - store pickup only.