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USED Grestch Country Gentleman circa 1963 w/OHSC - CONSIGNMENT

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Classic Hollowbody Electric guitar from the 1960's, made in USA by Gretsch.

Chet 1, Chet 2, Chet Atkins! Is this thing on?

Please read the description fully for this guitar...

This Consignment guitar is in Very Good ++ condition.
First off... back in the early 1960's, whem Gretsch made the Double Cut Country Gentleman with Painted F Holes, you could order one with "Open F Holes".
Next... this is a super cool, vibey guitar.
Now... what this seems like it started it's life as a Country Gentleman (circa 1963) with Open F Holes.
It has been re-finished at some point to this Sunburst that's very similar to the burst on a Gretsch Viking or Double Anniversary.
The original bridge has been replaced by a Gibson style gold Tune-o-Matic bridge. 
The original Gretsch Branded Bigbsy B6 has been replaced with a Gold B7 Bigsby, with the added downbearing roller.
The new bridge is low to the body, so it seems that the replaced bigsby was to add downbearing, behind the bridge, because essentially (like most older Gretsch guitars) it will need a neck reset at some point.
The Original Pickups and Electronics have been replaced with Tom Doyle pickups and a pseudo stereo system... so there are now 2 output jacks.
3 mini toggle switches have been added. The one closest to one of the Volume pots activates a Vari-tone type circuit, which has replaced one of the volumes.
Apparently Tom Dotle did all the modifications to this guitar - Electronics wise at least.
There's no paper work or proof of this except that it has T.W. Doyle pickups and that is you look at other guitars online that he has modified, they all seem to have the same type of setup with the mini toggles, pickups. etc.
Most likely, this was done by Tom.
who is Tom Doyle? Short version, he was "The Man behind The Man" the Man being Les Paul. He was his right hand man and a Luthier to the Stars... including working with Chet Atkins.
There's much more information on his website/online.
So, it's kind of a cool things having this come from Tom Doyle - he doesn't really do repairs/mods for people anymore.
The original badge on the headstock has bee replaced with the Country Gentleman Chet Atkins Badge in a lower position. You can still see the mounting holes from the Original Badge.
There has been a small repair to the back of the body, below the neck joint. This was done before the refin and it's difficult to see. In the correct light, you can faintly see the outline of a small rectangle patch. It's very difficult to see from the inside.

Comes with, what is a period correct Gretsch Case - could be the Original case.

Again, a very cool unique guitar that Most Likely was worked on by Mr Tom Doyle himself. The consignore bought the guitar as you see it here... so we're not sure who got Tom to do the work or anymore of the history of this guitar.