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USED Fulltone FullDrive 3 w/box

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Product Description

Fantastic Versatile J-Fet Overdrive / Boost pedal.

The Full-Drive III is the newest incarnation of the infamous Fulldrive from Fulltone.

"Unlike its cousin the FD2, the FD3 uses both a JFET input and a JFET op-amp, giving it the most tube-like sound you can get out of a tubeless pedal. Along with great sound, these JFET’s give the FD3 an ultra-high Input impedance which allows the pedal to mate with any type/gain of pickup and react well to changes in your guitar’s volume control."

3-way CLIPPING toggle switch:
Set to 90’s and you’ll get symmetrical clipping with ample midrange.
Set the switch to WIDE ASYM (wide asymmetrical) and more sweet highs and lows come through, along with chimey, Class-A style even harmonic overtones.
Set to COMP-CUT mode, pure opamp-overdrive, with no diode clipping assistance. Aggressive, cutting, and capable of a huge volume boost to slam the input of your amp.

Overall this USED pedal is in excellent condition with the original box.