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USED Boss EH-2 Enhancer

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Product Description

A rarely seen Boss Pedal from years past designed to help enhance your sound!

Original made in the 1990's, this EH-2 was ideally a pedal that you would have on all the time - bassically a pedal that you wouldn't really notice it doing anything until you turned it off after playing a while.

It was designed to add clarity/sparkle/life to your sound via the freq select and sensitivity knob - select the frequency you want to 'adjust' and how much that frequency will be affected. *Almost* like a band compressor.

Can help revive your top end in a chain of pedals or after a passive volume pedal.

Overall it's in Very Godd ++ Condition. Can be powered by a 9 volt battery or a regular Boss PSA Style Adapter (Not included)