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USED 1964 Magnatone M9 Amp - CONSIGNMENT

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Product Description

Magnatone Custom M9 Estey Tube Amp circa 1964.

If there's one thing that put Magnaton on the map, it's the Vibrato!
Magnatone called it FM Vibrato - Frequency Modulation Vibrato - true Pitch Vibrato and it sounds SMURFTASTIC.

The M9 is a 2 channel 35 Watt all tube Combo with a single 15" speaker and a 3" tweeter.
Each channel has "loudness", "tone", and "contour" controls. A stereo input jack allows a single instrument cable to feed signal to both channels (jack is a stereo connector, not a mono jack). The four varistor vibrato is only on "Channel One". 

The cabinet is a plastic type material, not wood/plywood.

Overall this Consignment amp is in Good cosmetic condition and Excellent working condition.
The panel has several rust spots and the control parameters are difficult to read.
The origial grill cloth has staining on it and the cabint is marked up.
The consignor had it overhauled/serviced before bringing it in.

Because of the weight and consignment, this item is for store pickup only - no ship. Come in and try it for yourself!!