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Two Notes Torpedo CAB M Plus Speaker Simlulator, DI and IR Loader

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Product Description

The Swiss Army Knife of IR loaders / direct recording, or live, guitar solution just got better.

Small pedal board platform, perfect for an all in one rig!

Two Notes C.A.B. M+ has now been enhanced with an amazing clean pedal platform, concise EQ and realistic sounding tube power amp to make it even easier and better to go direct.
But you don’t have to strictly go direct… use it while recording to blend your own amplifiers speaker cabinet along with the many built in cabinet/micing options available in the CabM plus.
The unit has an xlr out for the same solution in a live performance setting too!
Use your favorite distortion/overdrive pedal and go direct from your pedal board into the P.A. or recording interface!
You can load your own IR’s (up to 200ms)
“No other pedal offers such universal control of the miking chain - with dual miking available on every cabinet you may never use a real mic again. With our unique Dynamic IR / Virtual Cabinet technology – each cabinet contains the equivalent of 160,000 static IRs.”

Please remember that this is NOT a speaker/dummy load for your amplifier. If you are using this with an amplifier it is a ‘thru’ device that must see a speaker cabinet or load box.