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TC Electronic 3RD Dimension Chorus Pedal

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Be prepared to, quite simply, transport your tone inter-dimensionally, and perhaps even intergalactically. WHOA. With the perpetual arrival of the 3rd Dimension by TC Electronic you'll think you time travelled back to the heyday of Chorus. The simple 4 button layout yields a variety of subtle chorus effects. Press any button, or combination of buttons you wish - even all four at once (oh really? REALLY?!) - and your guitar will be awash with enough watery chorus for you to feel like a submariner. This new vintage-inspired pedal by TC is all analogue and is, truly, a best-buy.

This takes Chorus into a new dimension for TC Electronic by opting for buttons instead of knobs to select your tone.  It has the ability to select any combination of buttons and you can layer up the presets to produce a dimensional chorus reminiscent of the classic pedal from the 80's. It's an analog dual bucket brigade circuit with true bypass.  It can be powered by a 9v battery or by an optional AC power supply.