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Samson Dual Capsule Microphone

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Product Description

Samson CS Series Convertible Dynamic Microphone

Samson's CS Series (Capsule Select) Convertible Dynamic Microphone offers the capabilities of two pro-level dynamic microphones in one versatile package. With easily interchangeable Vocal and Instrument mic capsules, the CS Series mic is perfect for capturing stunning vocal performances or miking your favorite instruments.

Two mics in one

The Samson CS Series Dynamic Microphone features both the CS1 (vocal) and CS2 (instrument) selectable mic elements, as well as a handheld base. Both neodymium capsules offer a supercardiod pickup pattern, but are further designed to support completely different miking applications. The base's threaded twist-off construction makes it both quick and easy to change capsules and miking techniques. The base also features a gold-plated XLR jack (mic cable not included) for strong connectivity.

CS1 Vocal Microphone Features:

Neodymium capsule tuned for vocal performance
Supercardioid pickup pattern for excellent feedback rejection
Minimal handling noise
Handles high SPL (sound pressure level)
60Hz-18kHz frequency response

CS2 Instrument Microphone Features:

Neodymium capsule tuned for drums, guitar cabinets, brass and other preferred instruments
Tighter polar pattern for greater isolation
Maximum SPL allows for close miking without overload
Durable high carbon steel grill
50Hz-8kHz frequency response

CSB Handheld Base Features:

Threaded twist-off handle design
Gold-plated XLR connector

Capturing vocals

The Samson CS1 Dynamic Vocal Microphone is optimized for live performance applications, perfect for musicians, front-of-house professionals and more. Its rounded grill offers the ideal separation between the capsule and performer for exceptional vocal clarity and minimal handling noise. In addition, the Samson CS1's pickup pattern provides excellent feedback rejection, avoiding unwanted noise and highlighting only your performance. And with a wide 60Hz-18kHz frequency response and high SPL handling, the CS1 can capture the most dynamic of voices with ease.

Miking instruments

Specifically tuned for drums, guitar cabinets, brass and other preferred instruments, use the Samson CS2 Instrument Microphone is ideal for miking your favorite instruments. The capsule's flat high carbon steel grill allows for a wide frequency response on the low end (50Hz-18kHz), which is essential to the sound characteristics of most instruments. It also features a tighter polar pattern for greater isolation from the sound source. This, along with maximum SPL handling, makes the Samson CS2 ideal for close miking aggressive instrument tones such as drums and brass without overload.

Samson's CS Series Convertible Dynamic Microphone is an innovative design that redefines quality and convenience. Whether you're miking a vocal performance or your favorite instrument, it provides superior sound and versatility. Just twist, switch and go!