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Radial Elevator Multi Level Booster Pedal

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Product Description

The Elevator is a multi-level power booster designed to push the front end of a guitar amplifier for more punch while lowering overall system noise. Unlike most pedals that employ integrated chips (ICs) to create gain, the Elevator features a 100% discrete class-A signal path. This delivers the ultimate in natural tone and a smooth boost that generates beautiful creamy sustain.

On the ground floor, a selector switch lets you set the Elevator to true-bypass for those that prefer a direct feed to the amp when the boost is out of the circuit. Level-2 lets you activates a unity gain buffer that will drive the guitar signal to 15 meters (50’) without noise. This also activates the Drag Control load correction circuit (Level-3). This replicates the ‘tone and feel’ as if connected directly to your amp yet eliminates problems such as tone loss due to cables or popping when switching with high gain amps. Level-4 activates a ‘baseline’ power booster that pushes the front end of the amp for more crunch and bite. This ‘set & forget’ control is particularly useful with vintage amps that do not produce the high gain effects of today’s more modern designs. Level-5 is a variable power booster that delivers up to 15dB of pure gain for soloing. And Level-6 is a three-position mid boost switch lets you increase the mid range for added sustain.