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Quilter Overdrive 202 Block Style Multi Channel Head

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Product Description

Get ready to be 'Dumbled' over with excitement and Tone, tone, TONE from the fantastic ,brand new 200 watt compact head from Quilter labs.
Features 2 channels, with a global EQ - with 3 different voicings.
Gain channel features a built in limiter to help get that 'sag' and round out the overdrive sound and get some great lead tones reminiscent of Ford, Carlton and other 'West Coast' specials. But don't let that 'limit' you (!)
This is a very versatile amplifier that can shine in any situation - with loads of clean headroom if needed.
Other features include an effects loop and a direct signal out, that has speaker emulation, and can be used as a Di or a Headphone out. As a DI out, it can be pre or post Master. Oh yeah, and a great Reverb to boot!
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