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Quilter Aviator Mach 3 Combo With 12 Inch Speaker

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Product Description

A fantastic versatile 2 channel, 200 watt amplifier that's light on weight and Heavy on Tone!

The demand for these amplifiers have been off the chart! We have been Quilter dealers for a number of years and they keep on impressing us with every new model - and this is no exception! We're really excited about this!

This single 12" open back combo weighs in at 21lbs (!) but could easily bench press 4 times its weight!
The new Aviator Mach 3 combo excels at Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues and Pop - it's the perfect solution for the studio and the stage.
Featuring 200 watts of tube-like tone with a fast responsive playing experience any tube-amp will love!
Each channel features 6 distinct analog amp voicings based on some of the most iconic amplifiers from the 50's and 60's. Individual EQ, reverb and trem for each channel too!
The wonderful finish touch is the brand new Celestion Copperback 12" Speaker. This isn't your traditonal Celestion Speaker - rated at 250 watts, this features a very open well balanced tone, perfect for this amplifier. 


  • 200-watt solid state amplifier with 2 channels and 6 amp voicings per channel
  • Selectable amp voicings cover the most iconic guitar amps from the '50s and '60s
  • Celestion Copperback speaker is designed for sonic transparency and full, balanced tonality
  • Speaker Volume control allows you to scale power from 200W all the way down to 0W
  • Independent channel volume controls make it easy to balance volume between clean and overdriven tones
  • Dual inputs allow you to connect 1 instrument (using either channel), connect 2 instruments (selecting either one at will), or 2 instruments playing simultaneously
  • Equipped with lush reverb and vibrant tremolo effects
  • Onboard effects loop for integrating effects pedals after the preamp section
  • Includes ballistic nylon cover with convenient cable pouch