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Promark Nylon Brushes 2B Heavy, Black

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Product Description

This heavy-weighted set of brushes deliver the classic wire brush tone with enhanced attack and fullness, with increased durability and longevity thanks to the nylon construction.

The ProMark Heavy Nylon Brush 2B is the go-to brush for increased volume and a pronounced attack. Built to last, these nylon bristles are fused to ensure optimal playability and durability. The soft-touch handle is designed with internal counterweights that make it feel like your favorite 2B rebound drumstick, so you can get the response of a 2B stick, with the tone of a heavy brush.


  • Retractable black heavy gauge nylon bristles
  • ProMark Heavy Nylon Brush 2B features a soft touch ABS handle with a 2B diameter
  • This heavy brush has nylon bristle fusion to ensure optimal playability and durability
  • The counter-weighted handle of this ProMark brush responds like a rebound stick
  • Diameter: 2B
  • Tip Material: Nylon
  • Length: 13 3/8" (339.7 mm)
  • Diameter: .625" (15.9 mm)