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Pearl Session Studio Classic Shell pack 10 12 14 16 22 In Matte Liquid Amber

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Product Description

A high-quality, economical shell pack with professional features and tone in the beautiful Matte Liquid Amber finish.

The Pearl Session Studio Classic Shell Pack follows the original Session "recipe" with blended, 6-ply, 7.5mm birch and kapur shells, recreating the classic "Session sound" of a focused attack and projection with outstanding lows and punch that you can feel. Three shell packs and individual components are available in shorter depths, in order to achieve a "shorter" note and quicker response. Outfitted with a full set of Remo heads, these shells are sure to produce a refined sound right out of the box.

In addition to the bold and strong tones you'll be emitting, these shells will stand on a firm foundation. With recessed bass drum claws and masters floor tom brackets/legs, this kit offers drum hardware of a top-flight model. And OptiMount tom holders will reduce tension on your rack toms and kick drum to ensure maximum vibration, tone and resonance.

The reinvented SSC are finished in the same gorgeous high-gloss "31 step" lacquer finishes that are featured on Masters, Reference and Masterworks. 

Snare drum, cymbals and hardware sold separately.

  • Six-ply 7.5mm session formula birch/kapur shells
  • Wood bass drum hoops w/matching finish
  • Recessed BD Claws w/rubber lining
  • Remo snare drumheads
  • Remo pinstripe tom batter/clear remo heads
  • Remo powerstroke bass drumheads
  • RL-10/RL-20 session lugs
  • LB/LG-40 masters floor tom brackets & legs
  • OptiMount tom holders

Session Studio Classic 4 Piece Shell Pack with Free 14 Inch Floor Tom Specifications:

7 x 10" and 8 x 12" rack toms
16 x 14" floor tom
22 x 16" bass drum
FREE 14 x 14" floor tom