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NUX Steel Singer Drive Pedal Vintage Reissue Dumble Style Drive

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Product Description

Inspired by one of the most sought after, and expensive, guitar amplifiers in History, the Dumble "Steel String Singer" a 100 watt 6L6 Tone Machine, famously used by Robben Ford, SRV, John Mayer and Eric Johnson.

Does it sound like a Dumble amplifier? To be honest, we've never had one to compare it to(!) but it does sound fantastic and will deliver tones that are pretty tasty, perhaps even Dumble Taste!
It's a very dynamic and music pedal - very expressive and showcases your own sound and playing.

This is a very intuitive pedal to use - just plugging in at any setting sounds good and with a little tweaking you will find the sound you're looking for - from being a great clean boost pedal (with Gain below noon) to a juicy tastey lead sound with the gain up all the way!
Sounds great with a clean amp, or into an amp that's starting to breakup.
The Filter control helps shape the Dumble-ish mid voicing.

It's a great looking pedal too - with it's brushed aluminum looks to the Dumble Style Amp knobs.

At approximately 1 Thousanth price of a Dumble SSS amp (seriously) you can't go wrong with this little powerhouse!!

  • Input impedance: 1M Ohms
  • Output impedance: 10K Ohms
  • Current draw: < 20 mA
  • Power: 9V battery or external AC adaptor delivering 9V DC regulated minimum 300mA Dimensions: 121(L) X 77(W) X 48(D) mm
  • Weight: 230g