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Numark NV MKII Intelligent Dual-Display DJ Controller

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Product Description

A ridiculous amount of features packed into a relatively small footprint and price.


…Are you kidding? Before the NV came out you’d have to dole out almost $1,700 to get the same quality screens. No more staring at your laptop like some zombie DJ!

Navigate through your music directly on the NV display with its extremely intuitive and streamlined layout. All the information you need is displayed right on the screens including the song, artist, length of song, BPM and key are all easily accessible in the track sort view.


Obviously this controller has dedicated FX knobs for instant manipulation of your material, but what sets this controller apart is the touch-capacitive knobs. This allows you to make multiple moves in one sweep. How about a filter sweep up with a beat repeat? Or a filter sweep down with a lush reverb allowing you to bring the next track in without interference. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? AMAZEDAWG!


These MPC style pads feel great. They’re RGB backlit with color-coded feedback making them more intuitive to use. Numark somehow crammed 9 different functions into these pads:

Hot Cues (with Cue Loops option)
Auto Looping (with rhythm roll options)
Manual Looping
Sample Launching (with velocity)
Slicer functions (with looping)


The NVmkII has a stereo pair of XLR and RCA master outputs with a stereo RCA booth output. Included is a RCA input as well which is great for either a microphone or external music source.