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MXR Joshua Ambient Echo Delay Pedal

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Product Description

This awesome pedal puts incredibly emotive delays at your fingertips, and gives you the ability to have the chiming, galloping delay sounds of some of modern music's guitar greats!

The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo is a one-stop-shop sunk deep into iconic soundscapes, from tonal trips out of the ’60s and ’70s to the ethereal ambience of the ’80s. Once upon a time, you needed a whole rack processor get these tones, but this pedal comes with everything you need to cop that distinct tonal palette in a modern and user-friendly format—and it’s already dialed in and ready to go.

A RECIPE FOR AMBIENT EXPRESSION. The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo is built on a foundation of meticulously tuned tones and textures that combine to encapsulate the rich, atmospheric essence and grand sense of space that have been the hallmark of countless classic tracks. It all comes baked in—all you have to do is season to taste, and transcend the sonic stratosphere.

DELAY DYNAMICS. The core of the MXR Joshua Ambient Echo is its highly customizable delay setup, offering control over not only the tempo and number of repeats—Delay and Regen controls—but also their rhythm. With a turn of the Division control, you can select from ¼ note, dotted 1/8th note, 1/8th note, 1/8th note triplet, double delay with an 1/8th note, and dotted 1/8th note subdivisions. Want your repeats to keep trailing off even after the pedal disengaged? Just push the Trails. Want an even more dynamic sound? The Echo 2 switch adds a secondary set of repeats set to 1/4 note tempo—which can be adjusted through advanced settings. For direct control over the timing of your repeats, this pedal supports both onboard tap tempo through the footswitch and off-board switching through the CTR jack. An off-board switch also allows you to freeze your delay lines at max feedback so that you can weave leads and solos over your tonal tapestry.