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Malekko Manther Mono Analog Synth

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Product Description

The ferocity of this beast knows no bounds, and it will growl, hiss, and scream through the night until every one knows of its presence and fears the impending doom that is sure to ensnare them when they fall victim to the Manther's merciless might - BUT FEAR NOT - you have the ability to tame and control the nightmarish manimal to do your sonic bidding.  Tame the raving Man-Cat with the source mixer - it is here that you can manipulate the Square, Triangle, Sawtooth (LOOK OUT!), TriShape, Noise and Sub waveforms and mold the feral predator into any form of feline, from domesticated shorthair to frothing disemboweler.  GRRAAWWWWRRR!

Features include:

  • 64-step sequencer
  • Keyboard with transpose controls
  • Onboard Delay with Time, Mix, Regenerate and Sync controls
  • Individual Outputs for Square, Saw and Triangle waveforms
  • Mixer for Square, Triangle, Saw, Sub and Noise
  • Audio Input
  • 4 banks of 16 presets each
  • Song Mode
  • Record automation of features per step for: LFO, VCO, DELAY, VCF, ADSR Envelope, Morph and Glide
  • Gate Probability, Gate Repeat, Gate Delay and Accent per step
  • Morph control over automation
  • Route LFO to modulate delay time
  • LFO Sync
  • Assign modulation of Pulsewidth to LFO, Manual or Envelope
  • Glide control per step
  • FWD, REV, PENDULUM and RANDOMIZE sequence directions
  • Tempo control
  • Switches for LFO shape and ramp
  • Switches for Envelope direction and VCA control
  • Range switch
  • Gate inputs and outputs
  • LFO output
  • CV inputs for VCO, VCF and VCA
  • MIDI in and out
  • Headphone Output
  • Rugged metal enclosure