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Hughes & Kettner AmpMan Classic Floor Amplifier

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Product Description

This All Analog, 2 channel pedal board amplifier could be the best back up amp / main amp / fly rig amplifier / recording-practice amp currently on the market!

Based on the very succesful, and sought after, H&K Tubeman series this is new "Ampman" is the ultimate in light, portable pedal board (and gig bag) friendly amplifiers! Cranking out up to 50 watts of deliciously dynamic power, its punch and feel rivals that of any similarly rated tube power amp.

"The Spirit Tone Generator technology faithfully recreates the natural yet wildly complex interactions of traditional tube amp circuits in a ‘bionic’ way.  This miniature masterpiece distills the essence of tube amp physics, with all of the intensity and responsive tonal behaviour,  into a compact, strictly analog circuit that promises unbridled playing pleasure."

Some say this Spirit Tone Generator is powered by Pixie Dust - it's magical and it works... these sound Fantastic!

Featuring 2 independant channels, each with it's own boost tailored to the channel, noise reduction, effects loop, XLR Di Out with the highly regarded Red Box Cabinet Simulation - in fact, you get 8 cabinets to choose from!
Adjustable Solo boost feature, Sag, headphone out and up to 50watts of power (at 4ohms) from the Class D Power Amp.

Built like a TANK, they sound great, lightweight and just WORK!

  • Two strictly analog channels with fully independent controls
  • Channel-tailored Boost
  • Switchable, serial FX loop  
  • Powerful tone control that sweeps from British to Californian flavor
  • Presence and resonance power amp voicing to bring out the best in your stomp boxes 
  • Unique sagging control that lets you dial in sweet power amp saturation at any volume
  • Master volume plus switchable solo volume
  • Built-In IDB noise gate
  • Red Box AE+ DI-out with 8 cabinet simulations that delivers studio quality tone straight to desk
  • Stereo Aux-In lets you jam to play alongs an makes in-ear monitoring is an exercise in convenience
  • Adjustable stereo headphones out
  • Integrated 50 watts Ultra-Response power amp - 25 watts at 8ohms, 12.5 watts at16ohms