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Hohner Hoodoo Blues Harmonica Three Pack C,D,G

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Hohner HBP Hoodoo Blues Pack - 3 Harmonicas - Keys C - D - G includes Case

Celebrating the song "Hoodoo Man Blues" by blues great Junior Wells, a long time Hohner endorser known for his blistering Chicago Blues style harp playing, Hohner has introduced the new Hoodoo Blues pack featuring three, 10-hole diatonic harmonicas (in the most popular keys of C, D, and G,) in a zippered tolex carrying bag. The brass reeds inside these harps let you conjure up that magical blues tone at a great price. So get your mojo hand on the Hoodoo Blues pack from Hohner - the company with over 150 years of harmonica excellence.

Hohner Hoodoo Blues Harmonica 3 Pack with Case Features:

* 3 Hoodoo Blues diatonic harmonicas
* Key of C, D, and G
* Brass reed plates
* Zippered, Tolex carrying bag