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Headhunters Crossovers Poly Jingle With Poly Bead And Jingles

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Product Description

There is really nothing new to adding jingle to a drum stick however the single jingle on a drum stick is generally overwhelmed by the sound of the wooden tip and placement of the jingles on a drum stick at the middle force the player to exaggerate the drum stick movement to make the jingle activate.

Our unique features in our Crossovers’ patented design allow us to make add-ons like tambourine jingles with a big difference! Because there is ample thickness in the ‘bulb’ area at the playing end of the Crossovers, we can place the jingles where adequate movement can activate the jingles. In addition we use our Crossovers Poly model and by adding 2 small sized nylon balls bring just the enough cymbals and drum volume into play without overwhelming the single jingle.

This concept works so well even double stroke rolls will articulate every jingle note.

The Crossovers Jingle are a smash hit!