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Gibson ES339 Classic Thin Neck In Antique Vintage Sunburst

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Product Description

ES-339 Through the course of more than five decades and myriad shifting musical styles, the ES-335 has remained one of the most popular electric guitars of all time. Its ingenious blend of hollowbody warmth and complexity and solidbody bite and sustain made it arguably the most versatile guitar available when Gibson introduced the model in 1958, and that design imperative hasn’t changed today.

For some players more accustomed to the slimmer lines and more compact dimensions of a solidbody electric, though, the standard ES-335 can feel just a little large and unwieldy. Enter Gibson Memphis's ES-339, a guitar built to the design ethos of its predecessor the ES-335, but fashioned to proportions closer to those of the legendary Gibson solidbodies such as the Les Paul and SG. The gently arched top with real f-holes, thinline semi-hollow body, solid maple center block to reduce feedback and enhance sustain, rounded symmetrical cutaways with unparalleled upper-fret access—all here, minus a little of the bulk and weight.

The End of an Era, the Beginning of a Legend

Whether you play blues, rock, jazz, or country, the Gibson Memphis ES-339 is one guitar that is entirely at home with any or all of it. A pair of Gibson’s highly acclaimed 57 Classic humbucking pickups accurately replicate the sound of the legendary PAF humbuckers of the late ’50s, with performance updates for today’s demanding player. In the neck position, loaded into a guitar with the ES-339’s sonic versatility, the 57 Classic provides a range of outstanding voices, from mellow jazz work with outstanding depth and definition, to a singing blues-lead voice with plenty of crispness and cut.

In the bridge, it gives you everything from biting twang to wailing, cutting rock tones with a little overdrive applied. All this, and the ES-339 uses Gibson’s Nashville Tone Circuit to immaculately maintain highs as you roll back the volume controls. The classic pairing of a Tune-o-matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece provide solid anchoring and point-perfect adjustment at the body end, while a PLEK-cut Corian nut keeps it all sweet at the end of the neck—a hardware complement that works together to optimize resonance and sustain.

As for playability, the ES-339 offers the player a choice of superb neck feels. The rounded ’59 profile replicates the slightly chunky yet fast carve of late ’50s Les Pauls and ES-335s, while the new 30/60 profile comes closer to the thin necks of the early ’60s, but with an added .030-inches of depth for increased comfort and grip. Top it all off with a choice of thin Antique Red, Antique Vintage Sunburst, or Light Caramel Burst nitrocellulose finishes and throw in a plus-lined Gibson Memphis hardshell case, and it’s an unbeatable instrument, whatever kind of music you make. Check out the Gibson Memphis ES-339 today at your authorized Gibson dealer.

Body and Finish
The top, back and sides of the Gibson Memphis ES-339 are crafted with the same pressed-arch, laminated-maple with solid maple centerblock construction that was used by Gibson to produce the first ES-335s 52 years ago, but the ES-339 is made to more compact dimensions closer to those of Gibson’s solidbody electric guitars. Guitars are finished in your choice of Antique Red, Antique Vintage Sunburst, or Light Caramel Burst.

Body Neck and Headstock
The Gibson Memphis ES-339’s neck and headstock are made in the classic tradition of several great Gibson models, including that of its larger predecessor, the original ES-335. Carved from a single piece of quarter-sawn mahogany and topped with a rosewood fingerboard, the design incorporates Gibson’s lauded 17-degree back-angled headstock, which contributes greatly to the instrument’s resonance and sustain.

Neck and Headstock Pickups and Electronics
The Gibson Memphis ES-339 is equipped with pickups and electronics that accurately reflect the original units of the most desirable ES-335s ever made, but with performance enhancements to benefit today’s player. A pair of 57 Classic pickups capture that highly sought-after “PAF” style tone, noted for its unparalleled blend of warmth, richness and clarity, while quality CTS potentiometers—wired with Gibson’s Nashville Tone Circuit to maintain highs as you roll down the volume—and a Switchcraft selector and output jack translate the signal in pure vintage style.

Pickups and Electronics Hardware
The ES-339 is equipped with hardware that mirrors the look and performance of its predecessor, the larger ES-335. Particulars include green-button Kluson-style tuners, a Tune-o-matic bridge and stop-bar tailpiece both made from the correct metals and plated in nickel, and Gibson’s original aluminum strap buttons, all of which contribute to the timeless look and tone of the instrument.

Top Laminated Maple
Body Type Semi-Hollow, Chambered
Back Laminated Maple
Binding Single-ply, CreamBodyNeck

Species Mahogany
Profile 30/60 Slender and ’59 Rounded
Truss Rod Traditional
Joint Angle 4° (+/- 15 seconds)NeckNeck Fit
Joint Mortise & Tenon
Adhesive Franklin Titebond 50
Joint Angle Tolerance +/- .005"Neck FitFingerboard
Species Rosewood
Frets 22
Radius 12"
Nut/E.O.B 1.687/2.062
Inlays Mother-of-Pearl Dots
Binding Single-ply, Cream
Other Standard Fret WireFingerboardNut
Material White Corian
Width 1.687
Slots Gibson PLEK SystemNutHeadstock
Inlay Mother of Pearl “Holly”
Logo Pearl Gibson Inlay
Truss Rod Cover Vintage Truss Rod Cover
Angle 17 Degrees
Model Vintage Tulip (Single Band)
Plating Nickel
Tuning Ratio 12:01TunersBridge
Type Tune-o-matic (ABR)
Material Zinc Surrounded by a die casting alloy
Plating NickelBridgeTailpiece
Type Stop Bar
Material ZAMAK
Plating Nickel Plated GlossTailpieceHardware
Knobs Knobs Black Top Hats w/Silver Inserts
Pickguard 5-ply binding
Strings .010 - .046, Vintage Style strings
Strap Buttons Aluminum End PinsHardwarePickups
Neck Position '57 Classic
Bridge Position '57 Classic
Magnet Material Neck: Alnico II, Bridge: Alnico IIPickupsElectronics
Potentiometers Neck: Alnico II Bridge: Alnico II
Type 500k Audio Taper
Coil Wiring Parallel-Machine Wound
Toggle Switch Switchcraft Axial Toggle with Crème Toggle Cap
Output Jack 1/4" SwitchcraftElectronicsFinish
Process Gloss
Sealer Nitrocellulose LacquerAntique Red Antique Red Antique Vintage Sunburst Antique Vintage Sunburst Light Caramel Burst Light Caramel Burst

Case Type Gibson Memphis Silkscreened Case
Case Exterior Black Pleather
Case Interior Charcoal PlushCaseAccessories

Certificate of Authenticity Gibson Memphis COA
Additional Materials Lifetime Warranty Information