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Floyd Rose Original Trem Kit, Chrome

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Product Description

The Tremolo Bridge that turned the world upside down, back again and stayed in tune (!) is NOT just for Divebombing.

Don't get me wrong... if you're into abusing your whammy bar, squeeling, growling and fluttering sounds, there's no better option than the Original Floyd Rose!
While it's been used and depended on by many pro "Shredders" there are a lot of non-shredders that just love the feel and tuning ability of the Floyd Rose. You can be subtle and shimmery like a Bigsby or Fender Trem, and have the convenience of the bridge located fine tuners.

The FRT100 Original Floyd Rose is manufactured in Germany using high quality precision-made steel parts.
There's No substitute for the Original Floyd!!



  • German-built double-locking tremolo system
  • Classic Floyd Rose performance, with high-quality, precision-made steel parts
  • Includes tremolo bridge, springs and claw, mounting studs, all necessary installation hardware, and 2.5mm/3mm Allen wrenches
  • 0.42-inch (10.7mm) string-to-string spacing
  • 2.91-inch (74mm) center-to-center post spacing