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Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb

SKU: FAMP227-4200-000
UPC: 885978072392
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Product Description

The Fender Twin Reverb produces some of the most amazingly dimensional, rich, full bodied, high-headroom, sparkling clean tones the world has ever known, and (for those brave enough to crank the amp loud enough) ferocious, firebreathing overdriven tones. But, alas, the mighty Twin Reverb has fallen out of favour as of late due to it's monstrous 85 watts of output, and hernia-inducing 65 pound weight...... but, lucky for you this is no ordinary Twin Reverb! The Tone Master Twin Reverb delivers those oh-so-good, coveted, delicious, articulate tones - crystal clear to gnarled and angry - that iconic, best-you've-ever heard reverb, that swampy tremolo, that wiiiiiide sound that only comes from two twelve inch speakers working in tandem, and weighs in at HALF THE WEIGHT! Not only that, it has power scaling from full, blow-out-the windows 85 watts, all the way down to 1 watt. A 1 WATT TWIN REVERB!!! "How can this be?" you ask? Well, although the Tone Master Twin Reverb looks and sounds identical to the '65 Reissue, it is, in fact, 100% digital.  It's a modern gigging guitarist's (or keyboardist's) dream - THAT tone, in all it's glory in a lightweight package which can be scaled down to a reasonable volume. But, it gets even better! The Tone Master also sports a balanced line out with 3 selectable cabinet emulations. The first is no cabinet emulation (use this for recording with your own impulse responses, if that's your thing), the second is a dead-on emulation of a classic Jensen speaker with a Shure SM57 micing it in the perfect position, and the third is an emulation of the same speaker being miced by a smooth Royer ribbon mic.  Another smart feature is the "mute" setting which replaces the traditional "standby" and mutes the amplifier's internal speakers, but still sends signal to the line out, allowing for silent recording, or "silent stage" performance scenarios.

Very long story short - try one of these amplifiers and you will be amazed at the incredible tone, astounding flexibility, and bafflingly low weight