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Fender Engager Boost Pedal

SKU: FNDR023-4536-000
UPC: 885978909025
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Product Description

This newly designed high quality boost can be used in a number of ways - to drive an overdrive or distortion pedal harder, to push a clean or edge-of-breakup amp into full blown overdrive, to boost and EQ your signal before your pedal board, to shape your final tone before hitting your amp, to clean up bottom end on mushy guitars or pedals, add sparkle, push mids.....the limits are virtually non-existent! This pedal features up to 20dB of clean boost, and boasts an active 3 band EQ of Bass, Middle (switchable between either 400Hz or 800Hz) and Treble, all with 12dB of boost or cut.  Other smart features are Fender's patented magnetic battery door with low-battery indicator light, defeatable LED backlit knobs, and true bypass OR buffered bypass operation, all housed within an anodized aluminum casing that is sure to stand up to even the most rigorous of use. Part number 0234536000.