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Evans 14" Reso 7 Coated

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Evans Reso 7 14" Coated

Evans’ Reso 7 drumheads provide an abbreviated sustain while maintaining a full tonal response. These heads provide drummers with a solution for shorter sustain without the need for additional muffling devices. Those that deal with unwanted resonance will not need to apply additional muffling when using Reso 7 heads. The unique 7mil film also provides a warmer response.

“We’ve seen drummers add all sorts of inconsistent muffling to their drumheads in order to shorten the sustain of their toms, when really it’s the role of the resonant head to provide the appropriate sustain,” says Nick Gordon, D’Addario Percussion Business Unit Manager. “The Reso 7 controls sustain in a balanced manner without drastically altering the tonal response.”