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BOSS FZ-1W Waza Craft Fuzz Pedal

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Product Description

A reimagined version of the Classic Boss Fuzz Pedal inspired by the development and design of the hugely popular Limited Edition TB-2W Tone Bender Fuzz!

Unlike previous Waza Craft Pedals, this is not a "reproduction" of the past Boss Fuzz Pedals but a Modern Interpretation of Viintage Fuzz.
Waza innovation allows you to enjoy the great musical characteristics of the vintage fuzz without the downside of inconsistant parts and quality control.

"Using top-quality silicon transistors, we’ve created a unique circuit that delivers authentic tone and response while maintaining stable performance in any temperature or operating condition. In addition, our modern approach greatly expands the sound possibilities over vintage designs, offering higher gain, lower noise, deeper tone-shaping control, and more."

Vintage Mode has the classic fuzz voicing but with more gain and more expressiveness. Rolling down the volume on your guitar allows it to work as a great boost pedal - something a lot of current fuzz pedals won't do (!)

Modern Mode has a more focussed midrange and fatter tone making it more versatile than the Vintage Mode. More gain and more control over the top end (tone control) without effecting the mids.

Overall this is one of the best new fuzz pedals on the market today! Superior tone, versatility build quality, craftmanship and a 5 year warranty!!