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Ableton Live 10 Suite - Download

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This is the big kahuna of real-time music production and whether you are triggering loops or recording audio this DAW has your workflow nailed.  Live 10 expands it's palette with the addition of new devices like Wavetable, Echo, Pedal and the new Drum Buss.  Never miss a single creative idea with the ability to capture MIDI before you started to record, or even while you're just messing around.  Max for Live is now built in so if you want to dream up some unique instrument there is now a way to make it your own. Suite has more than 70GB of content and a large collection of effects and virtual instruments and the new browser makes it easier than ever to organize your assets. Live 10 is a 64 bit instrument and requires 8GB of RAM, but to be sure you have the correct computer to run everything visit to review all of the system requirements.