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Universal Audio Reactive Load Box And Guitar Recording System

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Product Description

This amazing device drastically expands on the sonic possibilties of any guitar amp (either combo or head/cab) in any recording or live situation on two fronts - it is a premium reactive load box and attenuator, and a cabinet emulator capable of storing 6 of your favourite rigs, complete with AU plug-in effects, and 12 levels of emulated room ambience.  The OX features groundbreaking technology in speaker emulation which far exceeds typical impulse responses and contributes emulated drive, breakup, and cone cry - all of which are massively important ingredients in the most iconic "cranked amp" tones.  In the studio, the OX allows you to dial in the sweet spot of your amp, send just the right amount of signal to your speaker, AND take a line out from the OX that emulates virtually any speaker, cabinet, microphone, and microphone placement imaginable - and up to 4 UA effects at once. So you can have any number of real microphones on your real speaker, and run your choice of complimentary virtual cabinet.  Save your favourite cabinet, mic, and effects as "rigs" stored in your Ox, and you can hit the stage with the exact tones from the studio. Get your tone, dial in your speaker volume for perfect balance on stage, and send a beautifully clear and clean signal of your dream cab/mic/effect rig to front of house.  No more amp/cab mics on stage.